Examples of Correction Distractors


Examples of Correction Distractors



In this situation, a woman is booking a journey into town for when she arrives at Toronto Aiport. You have to note down the distance of the town, Milton, from the airport.

Question: Distance ….. miles


MAN: Hello, this is Land Transport Information at Toronto Airport. How may I help you?

WOMAN: Oh, good morning. I’m flying to Toronto Airport next week, and I need to get to a town called Milton. Could you tell me how I can get there?

MAN: Milton, did you say? Let me see. I think that’s about 150 miles south-west of here. In fact it’s 147 miles to be exact, so it will take you at least – say, three to four hours by road

答案显而易见。开始你可能认为答案是“150 miles”,但真正的答案却是“147 miles”。


Here is another example, further on in the same listening when the woman is arranging to book a hire car to make the journey when she arrives.

Question: Date of booking _____________


MAN: OK, I just have to fill out this form for you. So what date do you want to book this for?

WOMAN: The 16th of October – oh, no, sorry, that’s my departure date. I arrive on the 17th, so book it for then, please.

同上,开始你可能认为答案是“the 16th”,但真正的答案要等到最后才会出来,是“the 17th”才对。



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