Tips for IELTS Listening Map Labelling


Common Language of Location



? At the top / at the bottom

? On the left / on the right

? Left hand side / right hand side

? South / North / East / West

? Southeast / Southwest / Northeast / Northwest

? To the north / to the south / to the east / to the west

? Opposite / in front of / behind

? In the middle / in the centre

? Above / below

? Inside / outside

? Just beyond / a little beyond / just past

? Next to / alongside / adjoining (= next to or joined with)

Another Example


2.The company has most camping sites in
A. France
B. Italy
C. Switzerland
If you book a camping holiday with us, you'll have a choice of over three hundred sites. In Italy we have some 64 sites that we either own, or have exclusive use of. France is where we have the majority of sites, and we currently have a project to expand into Switzerland. We also have a number of sites in Northern Spain, particularly the mountainous region of Picos de Europa. We've upgraded all these Spanish sites, and improved them considerably from their original three-star rating.

" you'll have a choice of over three hundred sites"这句话提醒大家接下来将会提到不同的国家。


这道题A为正确选项,因为'most sites'与'majority of sites'的意思相同。

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